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Ch Seacove Pleadies CDX
Sire: Ch Glentreve Frozen Asset
Dam: Seacove Bireme
Whelped: 27 March 1999

Bella 9 years old

Bella is a happy girl whose tail never stops wagging.
Her notable wins in the showring are:
Veteran In Show (Central Golden Retriever Club Championship Show)
24/9/2004 Best of Breed (NZ National Dog Show) Mrs Ullviet-Moe. Sweden
29/5/2004  Best of Gundog Group (Upper Hutt Kennel Association) Mrs D Quay. NZ
28/10/2000 Reserve In Show (Auckland Golden Retriever Championship Show) Mrs D Wilson. NZ



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch Glentreve Frozen Asset



 Eng Ch Paudell Easter Plantagenent at Kerrien

Sansue Castalian
Kerrien Calypso of Paudell
Ch McIlroy Interlude Ch Glentreve Single Issue
Ch McIlroy Boheme


 Seacove Bireme

Aust Ch & NZ Gr Ch Caldicot Swift Ch Summmertime Night Flight
Ch Serenata of Sandlewood
Goldriver Amber Sunrise QC CDX Ch Amberflight of Corrie
Arangold Lucky Chance




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